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Guatemala was once the heart of the Mayan civilization. Its name originates from the Nahuatl word Cuauhtēmallān; which means a “place of many trees.” This region still shows the remains of the Mayan civilization in several sites across the country such as the Mayan city of Tikal located in the northern side.
During the colonial times, Guatemala played also an important role by being a captaincy-general of Spain and ended up proclaiming its independence in 1821 together with the rest of the Central American countries.

Currently, Guatemala is showing a fast-growing population compared to other Latin American countries with an average age of 21, that is, one of the youngest population sample in the region. In nature, it has the second largest forest in Central America: the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

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There is an ecoregion diversity that goes from mangrove forests to ocean littorals. It is mainly a mountainous country divided into three regions: the Pacific Coast, the Highlands and the Peten in the northern area. The highest Central American mountain is there, the Tajumulco Volcano at 4203 meters above sea level.

Legal Assistance on Doing Business in Guatemala

Due to all its natural and human resources, Guatemala has become a very attractive business hub and a key destination for foreigners mainly coming from the US, Canada, and Europe, looking to start a new business or to retire in a smaller and more welcoming country. One of the perks faced here is that any existing foreign corporation that wishes to capitalize on the country can do so by simply creating a business association based on the different possibilities contained in the Commerce Code.

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In order to be successful in the pursuing of a new business or choosing the right country to move in and enjoy your retirement or doing business in Guatemala, Lawyers of Guatemala will assist you not only in getting started business-wise but also in understanding local, social and cultural processes to become a well-informed foreigner. We will introduce you to the broad guidelines for all types of investments and be your full-time advisor for the following offered opportunities:
  • Starting a business and maintaining it
  • Investor’s protection
  • Buying and registering properties
  • Facility to import and export
  • Contract enforcement


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The majority of the countries where Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) work, rely on a Commerce Code which sets up the rights and regulations that have to be followed by local and foreign investors. The laws in Guatemala promote investment, local and foreign, and guarantees for both the same treatment and enjoyment of constitutional warranties. Conducting businesses in Guatemala means that you will find many different captivating investment chances in areas such as:

We recommend that before deciding to settle down and becoming an investor in Guatemala, you resort to us in order to take advantage of our expertise in the particularities of the country, whether they are related to their system legally, socially, economically or even culturally. Lawyers of Guatemala will coach you and protect your interests and provide a level of security that is only reachable by working with the connoisseurs.

Being favored by our legal and business acumen, our clients gain better judgment and support in the following operative areas:

Contact us now for legal assistance on investing in Guatemala and to advise you on your business opportunities.

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