Immigration in Guatemala

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Guatemala is known for being the Land of Eternal Spring. This is a country where the Mayan culture is still alive and meets with today’s modern society. While in the country, you will be able to enjoy mountains, lakes, volcanoes, and greatly forested Mayan ruins. Guatemala is a combination of natural beautyperfect weather and a powerful identity present in everyday life.
After suffering from military and guerrilla conflicts for many years, there was a peace treaty signed in 1996 which open a path for internal conflict resolution. Since then, the government has been struggling to improve in areas such as health and education. Currently, more businesses have flourished taking advantage of the more favorable conditions seen in the last years.

The cost of living in Guatemala is particularly low and, therefore, it is an attractive feature for those looking to settle down or to start a new enterprise where promising conditions are the rule, not the exception.

This Central American country is considered an adventure destination for travelers and, at the same time, there are several convenient spots for expats, retirees, and business owners. In order to be benefited by all the possibilities that can be offered to you work together with Lawyers of Guatemala and in no time we will get you all set to visit the country and check out its potential. We will also start the paperwork for you once you have decided to stay in the country and will be your expert advisors in regards to Guatemala residency application procedures for you and your family or business executives.

Both, Lawyers of Ecuador and Lawyers of Latin America have extensive experience in immigration procedures at the service of our clients. When you become our client, you are hiring a world class residency application service to become an Ecuadorian resident. Ecuador offers perhaps the easiest most straightforward requirements to obtain the Ecuador residency and become a resident compared to the other countries in the continent.

Immigration in Guatemala

General requirements to obtain the Guatemala residency:

  1. Application form
  2. Two recent photographs
  3. A valid passport
  4. A letter from a Guatemalan sponsor
  5. Evidence of financial resources for the applicant and for the sponsor

Guatemala Visa Requirements and Types

guatemala temporary resident visa

Temporary Residency

This is for foreigners who get temporary permission (two years) to stay in the country conducting legal business for a specific time period. Temporary residents are allowed to carry on compensated job positions or invest with capital earned legally in the country.


  • Visa for religious workers: valid for two years.

Permanent Residency

guatemala permanent residency for investors

For Investors

This is for foreigners who enjoy a stable and permanent monthly income. The applicant must prove a permanent income of $1,000.00 USD. It must be generated outside of Guatemala.

guatemala permanent residency pensioners legal assistance

For Pensioners:

This is for foreigners who have a fixed income overseas (cannot have a paid work position). The applicant must prove a permanent income of $1,000.00 USD a month. This income must be generated outside of Guatemala.

Pensioners and investors can also file a visa application on behalf of their spouse, unmarried children (under 18 years old), disabled adult children, and grown children (younger than 25 years old).

visa parents guatemalan children

Parents of Guatemalan Children:

This requires that you have a child born in Guatemala. Main requirement: child’s official Guatemalan birth certificate.

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