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Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) has grown and increased its range of corporate services to other Central American countries such as Guatemala. Our legal practices in this region are supported by a crew of dedicated and professional Guatemala attorneys who bring expertise, practicality, and sophistication to accomplish clients’ needs suitably.
By successfully achieving our goals, we prove to our clients that we are the perfect blend to manage their local and international business matters in all different areas such as Guatemalan real estatetradeimmigration, relocation and much more. Included in our scope of services, we guide you through the processes and set forth all possible scenarios so that you can make well-informed and seemly decisions.
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The strategic presence of Lawyers of Guatemala (as a member of LLA) in the capital, Guatemala City, has given our clients quick access to several business and property opportunities as well as to a wide commercial network. The planning of your visit to Guatemala City will be stress-free if you let us work with you. Whether there are immigration arrangementsbuying a lot or a house for moving in the near future, or just exploring the possibilities to set up a business in Guatemala; our firm will support you in regards to information requiredpaperworklegal counsel and even local activities that must be taken care of.

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Lawyers of Guatemala will assist you in the creation of branchessubsidiaries or local entities keeping operational and legal risks to the minimum. We will act as your trustworthy and skilled consultants to get you all set up in this new life so that the transition that you are going through is as smooth as possible. Be directed by a group of sharp and knowledgeable Guatemala lawyers, and international attorneys who understand the country’s rules and procedures and have accrued working experience with expats, retirees and foreign venture investors in Guatemala.

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This country has recently been considered a start-up hub and, as such, it offers many advantages to entrepreneurs, namely: geographically strategic location, nice weather almost all year long, agile and easily done legal and fiscal processes, outsourcing services, and its main and most valuable asset: the people. Guatemalans are well-prepared, hardworking, easy-going people, who are open to innovation and exciting business scenarios.

Be bold and choose a strong-minded legal firm that is willing to accept your challenges and that is made up of the proper resources: technological, legal, cultural and human; all in one firm. Working with Lawyers of Guatemala is the path to success, the perfect combination between local understanding and a comprehensive mentality.

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