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One of Lawyers of Latin America’s (LLA) fortress is the local and international expertise acquired over the years in company formation procedures and best practices. That is why Lawyers of Guatemala can completely assist you in the incorporation process.

We abide by the global conditions in regards to business creation so that our clients have the confidence that their new enterprises will be protected and will comply with the rules set by the government. It is of the utmost importance, in order to operate at a national level, to incorporate your business locally.
Incorporating a company in Guatemala

Working with Lawyers of Guatemala not only keeps you safe but also gives you the advantage of having a team of experts on your side who will allow you to fully access the current market and to take part in future and ground-breaking possibilities under a legal and settled business frame.

Incorporating in Guatemala

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We will provide legal advice, professional commercial guidelines, real estate opportunities, and will walk you through the essential processes to get started as soon as possible. We will also recommend the top corporate structure that will suit you best based on your line of work and particular business requirements.

Guatemala Business Structures

The Guatemalan entity that manages the registration of corporations is the Mercantile Registry, a governmental entity; and these are the five business structures that are present in the Guatemalan Code of Commerce:

  1. Stock corporation
  2. General Partnerships
  3. Limited-Liability Companies
  4. Joint Liability Companies
  5. Joint Stock Companies


    Registering a Corporation in Guatemala: Basic Requirements:

    • Articles of incorporation authorized by a Notary Public
    • Commercial registry fee
    • Certified copy of the deed of constitution
    • Appointment of legal representative
    • Public service bill with the exact address of the company
    • Letter of intent from the owner
    • Bank receipt

    Other services that we offer in Guatemala are:

    • Merger and transformation of corporations
    • Dissolution and liquidation of corporations
    • De Facto corporations
    • New enterprises: Branch or Permanent Establishment, Joint-Venture

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